Sarwar Kashmeri

Sarwar A. Kashmeri is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Norwich University, and a fellow of the Foreign Policy Association (NY). He is a current affairs commentator, author, and strategic communications adviser, recognized on both sides of the Atlantic as a specialist on U.S.-European relations and NATO. He speaks frequently before business, foreign policy, and military audiences, and is the author of, “America and Europe after 9/11 and Iraq: The Great Divide,” Revised and Updated Edition (Potomac Books, Inc., 2008.)

Kashmeri earned a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and a master’s degree in engineering, both from Saint Louis University Saint Louis, Missouri, USA where he also taught on the faculty. He has written numerous opinion pieces on transatlantic business and foreign policy issues and chaired business and public policy panels. A member of a number of boards, he teaches an annual course on American foreign policy at Dartmouth College’s school of continuing education, the Institute for Lifelong Education at Dartmouth (ILEAD). He has written for the Huffington Post, New York Times/International Herald Tribune, The Guardian, The Hill, U.S. News and World Report among other well known publications.

Sarwar lives with his wife, their five sheep, donkey and Ridgeback-Shaka Zulu, on a farm in Vermont, and divides his time between Vermont, New York, and Washington, D.C. He was born in Bombay, India, and is an American citizen.