Kimberly Ann Elliot

Kimberly Ann Elliott is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development and the author or co-author of numerous books and articles on trade policy and globalization, with a focus on the political economy of trade and the uses of economic leverage in international negotiations. She chaired the CGD working group that produced the report, Open Markets for the Poorest Countries: Trade Preferences that Work. Her most recent book, Delivering on Doha: Farm Trade and the Poor, was copublished in July 2006 by CGD and the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Elliott was with the Peterson Institute for many years before joining the Center full-time and remains a visiting fellow. Her publications there include Can International Labor Standards Improve under Globalization? (with Richard B. Freeman, 2003), Corruption and the Global Economy (1997), Reciprocity and Retaliation in US Trade Policy (with Thomas O. Bayard, 1994), Measuring the Costs of Protection in the United States (with Gary Hufbauer, 1994), and Economic Sanctions Reconsidered (with Gary Hufbauer and Jeffrey Schott, 3rd. ed., 2007).

From 2002 to 2003, she served on the National Academies Committee on Monitoring International Labor Standards; from 2009-2012 she was a member of the USDA Consultative Group on the Elimination of Child Labor in U.S. Agricultural Imports; and, in 2011, she was appointed chair of the Department of Labor’s National Advisory Committee on Labor Provisions of U.S. Free Trade Agreements.