Crossroads: America’s Defense Strategy

The global power balance is rapidly evolving, leaving the United States at a turning point with respect to its level of engagement and the role of its military.  How does the military function in today’s international order, and what role should Diplomacy play in U.S. defense strategy?

Featured Guests:

  • Gordon Adams, Professor Emeritus, School of Intl. Service, American University
  • Madeleine Albright, Former U.S. Secretary of State
  • Andrew Bacevich, Professor Emeritus, Boston University
  • John O. Brennan, Frm. Director, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Amb. (Ret.) Nicholas Burns, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
  • John Campbell, Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Sen. Christopher A. Coons, (D-Delaware)
  • Nicholas Danforth, Senior Policy Analyst, Bipartisan Policy Center
  • Amb. (Ret.) Michael Gfoeller, U.S. Ambassador (Ret.)
  • Amb. Tatiana C. Gfoeller, U.S. Ambassador (Ret.)
  • Chuck Hagel, 24th Secretary of Defense
  • John J. Hamre, President & CEO, CSIS
  • Gen. Michael Hayden, Former Director, CIA and NSA
  • Rebeccah L. Heinrichs, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
  • Edward Luce, U.S. Commentator, The Financial Times
  • Gen. Stanley McChrystal (Ret.), U.S. Army
  • Walter Russell Mead, Professor, Bard College
  • Joseph Nye, Frmr. Dean, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  • Gen. (Ret) David Petraeus, Chairman, KKR Global Institute
  •  Barry R. Posen, Dir., Security Studies Program, MIT
  • Christopher Preble, VP Defense and Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute
  • Stephen Randolph, Historian, Department of State
  • Mitchell B. Reiss, President and CEO, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation