This video is a must watch for American’s interested in their country’s standing in the Middle East and how the Arab Spring has changed and will continue to shift the way Washington interacts with the region. The array of opinions expressed and the historical and contextual approach to the Egyptian revolution and its consequences ensure that this episode of “Great Decisions” is a highly important starting off point for understanding the intricacies of this subject.

–Alexander Corbeil, Senior Middle East Analyst with Atlantic Council of Canada and blogger at Foreign Policy Blogs, on “Power to the People: The New Egypt”

What would a failed euro mean for the EU? Or for its largest partner the U.S.? And can the EU become the United States of Europe? “Imperfect Union” demonstrates subtly in 26 minutes a problem shift resulting from the eurocrisis: from first being a question of survival to now becoming an existentialist crisis for the Union.

— Maxime Larive, Ph.D., Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellow and Senior Blogger for Europe at Foreign Policy Blogs, on “Imperfect Union: The Eurozone in Crisis”

The series, narrated by Academy Award-nominated Lincoln actor David Strathairn, features top foreign policy experts discussing some of the greatest global challenges facing the United States.

–Liz Flora, Asia Society Blogs contributor, on “The Generals and the Democrat: Burma in Transition”

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