The Great Decisions in Foreign Policy television series began as a radio program prior to the advent of television. The show has been on air since 1970, making it the longest running program dedicated solely to international affairs and U.S. foreign policy on American television.  Produced independently by the nonpartisan Foreign Policy Association, it now airs on hundreds of public television stations nationwide, and recently had a national viewership of more than two million, according to Nielson ratings.

From 1981 until 2005, the series was anchored by Peter Krogh, Dean Emeritus of the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.  During this period, the series was jointly produced with World Beat, which won an Emmy in 1989.   An archive of the episodes moderated by Krogh can be viewed at the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives.

From 2008 until 2012, the series was produced in association with the University of Delaware, where Ralph Begleiter, former CNN world affairs correspondent and Director of the Center for Political Communication, moderated the program.

The voice of the late, great Walter Cronkite narrated the series from 2007-2012, and last year every living secretary of state appeared on the series giving testimony to the importance of an American public that is well informed on global issues.  Guests over the years have included heads of state, Nobel Peace Prize recipients and countless experts, academics and journalists.

In 2013, the series evolved from an in-studio talk show discussion format to a narrated documentary style.  Academy Award nominee David Strathairn, who played the role of Edward Murrow in the George Clooney-produced film Good Night and Good Luck, is the current narrator.  The series has been executive produced by MacDara King since 2005. Read more on IMDB.